Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Mesa Grill, Las Vegas

While staying at Caesar's, our family really enjoyed lunch at Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill.
Even Fougoo's and my parents really liked the Southwestern flavors from the menu.
I liked the corn muffin on the bread basket, especially with the blend of blue corn visible in the muffin. It also had some chili pepper in it to give it a kick.

My mom really liked her prix fixe menu entree, the seared red chili crusted sea scallops. The scallops were great- large and really fresh.

Fougoo ordered the shrimp with grits platter. I'm a sucker for grits so I had to try some- really smooth and nice.
My entree was the Florida black grouper with a "wet rub" which was good, but my fevorite part was the oregano spoonbread it came with.

Redneckhunter ordered the hearty Mesa burger which was the size of about half of his head. The fries it came with were very tasty.

For dessert, I really liked my fruit cobbler with ice cream.

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