Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bradley Ogden, Las Vegas

In 2004, when my family was in Las Vegas, one of the best dining experiences I had was at Napa-style restaurant Bradley Ogden in Caesar's Palace: amazing food, fantastic service, great experience.
Needless to say, we were looking forward to having yet another great meal there on this recent trip. However, the experience was definitely soured by mediocre service.
It started when an error was made in our reservation, and my uncle, who was in charge of the party, was treated as if the error was his fault. This inappropriate attitude to a customer was then also transferred to our waiter, who was also very neglectful in his service to our table.

Well, let's get to the food. We started with a seared foie gras appetizer that was nice.
For my entree, I got the bison tenderloin, one of my favorite dishes there. It's seared, then split in half- since I got it medium rare- the meat looked great on the plate.

My dad got the butter poached lobster. This tasted fantastic. I liked the foam on the plate.

My uncle, despite everything, ordered 8 oz of the kobe steak, which ended being a $400 piece of meat, but still no change in the attitude of the staff.
Needless to say the meat was amazingly good.

I really liked my dessert. I ordered the sorbets over blood orange tapioca pearls. Nice, light, and sweet.

My dad got the doughnuts. Who doesn't love doughnuts?

Redneckhunter got something with macaroons that was tasty as well. It was a good meal, but it could have been great had the service at the restaurant been better.

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