Thursday, June 07, 2007

Ramen in Jiyogaoka

Personally, as exemplified by my lard ramen post, I prefer a heavy, rich, and fatty broth for my ramen. While in Tokyo, my cousin, took me to a ramen shop in his neighborhood one evening for guy's night out for ramen. Sorry, there was no English name for this place, and I can't translate the sign.
I got a bowl of ramen that consisted of a heavy miso soy broth that was the density of split pea soup. The noodles were firm and consisted of two types- one thick, one thin. Included were pork meatballs, seaweed, and a soft boiled soy egg. It hit the spot.

My cousin ordered a noodle with an even richer broth. It was more of a noodle dish for warm weather. The noodles were served cool with pork, a gently poached egg, and green onion. Then, the broth came as a side that he would dip the noodles into before eating. This broth was really rich with a thick layer of oil on top.

Additional: According to a poster, this place is called Buta Soba Dai Dai. Thanks for the info.


Roz said...

Dude, you went to Buta Soba Dai Dai -- in my opinion, the best tonkotsu ramen place in Japan or anywhere! Thanks for the memories. Your brother had the dipping noodles with the rich, black like sauce. That is good, too, but the bowl you had is their best. I love their toasted garlic flakes on the counter for making that great ramen even better!

1000yregg said...

Thanks for the info. I'm updating the post.