Thursday, June 14, 2007

El Azteca Restaurant in Clarksville, MD

I've become pretty particular about Mexican food since I lived on the West Coast for several years, and it's been hard to find particularly good Mexican places here in Maryland.
However, at the suggestion of some friends, we had dinner at El Azteca Mexican restaurant in Clarksville, MD. I must say, the food was pretty good.
First off, the salsa used for the chips was fresh, as well as being spicy. We started with an appetizer of Yuca con Chicharron that was delicious. Gotta love that pig skin!
I like to order Chicken Mole at Mexican places because a friend of mine told me it was a gauge of a good Mexican restaurant. El Azteca's Chicken Mole was pretty good. The sauce was great- nice, a little sweet and spicy. The chicken was a bit dry, and I wish they had had fresh corn tortillas, but being in Clarksville, MD I sense more people get flour tortillas there.
Another person in our party got the Chile Verde which was very tasty- the pork was nice and tender, and it had good flavor.
While, I still think Mexican places are superior on the West Coast, El Azteca will do.

El Azteca Mexican Restaurant
12218 Clarksville Pike
Clarksville, Maryland 21029

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