Thursday, June 07, 2007

Bonjuk - Korean Traditional Porridge Restaurant

So, when Fougoo and I were in Tokyo, we went to the neighborhood of Nishi-Ogi-Kita to see Lickingpants and his wife open a new store for Portland artists in Japan, Moshi-Moshi.
Afterwards, we decided to grab a bite in a Korean congee restaurant, Bonjuk. Here is an English site. In researching this post, I discovered that this restaurant is yet another global chain with branches in LA, Las Vegas, and supposedly soon in NYC.
I had the Octopus and Kimchee Porridge (top). Fougoo had the Mushroom and Oyster Porridge. The rest of our party had the Mung-Bean Porridge and the Pine-Nut Porridge.
Overall, I would say it was just okay. The restaurant sells itself as "Wellbeing Slow Food" and a health brand, but it's really just fancy congee.
Personally, just give me some congee with preserved duck egg in it and I'm happy.

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fougoo said...

my oyster-mushroom was the best one. i think the problem with all the others was too much sameness of taste throughout the whole bowl...