Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Nashville Eats: The White Trash Cafe

I'll admit it, we picked this place off the Hollyeats list because of the name. But rather than Northeast hipster irony, here we were met by the super-sincere, super-nice, super-laid back proprietor who asked us where we were from and thanked us for taking the time to stop in at his place. It was pretty much just him doing all the waiting and bussing tables, and an older guy (his dad, maybe?) in an apron in back.

It was a simple down-home "meat and three" place (local speak for one meat with three side dishes). The menu was hand-written and photocopied -- so simple I can pretty much recreate it here: fried chicken, roast beef, country fried steak, mac and cheese, mixed beans, turnip greens, mashed taters, fried apples, corn - that's about it, no prices. After all our eating the past few days, we needed to take it easy and just ordered three sides to share, cornbread and coffee. "Are y'all vegetarian?" he asked.

Anyway when we were all done, he said, "How about... 5 bucks? 6? What do you think?" How great is this place?! Inside and out it was just full of great junk too -- he had a sign up saying if you wanted any of it, he'd let you have it in exchange for a donation to the SPCA.

White Trash Cafe
1914 Bransford Avenue
Nashville TN
(615) 383-0109


Anonymous said...

How cute!

Anonymous said...

This was a really fun place and the food was really good. A definite place to go to when you are out for a good time! The owner was super friendly....we will go back!