Saturday, January 20, 2007

Christmas Day Lunch

I've got a backup of posts to do from the holidays. Props to Fougoo for picking up my slack.

Anyways, Christmas lunch was at Fougoo's mom and dad's place like every year. They made some of my favorite dishes. For me, this is my comfort food.
These are curried beef pastries. When I was a kid, this was one of my favorite snacks my grandma used to make for me. You take a pie crust and fill it with ground beef and onions seasoned with curry, then paint on some egg on the top- simple, elegant- delicious.

Fougoo's dad is the master of frying the perfect spring roll. I don't think you can get spring rolls as good as this anywhere, and they should only be eaten when thsy are crisp right out of the fryer.

Fougoo's mom's wontons are the best, too. The filling is actually mostly vegetables with a little bit of pork or chicken- healthy and yummy.
It should be noted that all these items are so good that they require no ancillary items like soy sauce- all of them are best eaten as is.

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