Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Memphis Eats Part One

Took a little road trip to Tennessee over Xmas break - first stop Memphis. We went to the famous Corky's for BBQ. I had the Memphis dry rub, redneckhunter had wet ribs with sauce. Pretty tasty - I couldn't finish my whole rack, but the spice rub was so good I ended up just peeling off the top layer of meat. Really good steaming hot buttery rolls and good non-mayonaissey slaw too!

Then I can't remember where I saw this place, maybe on a blog -- James and Jack's Catfish Shack. Way off the beaten path amidst a stretch of pawnshops and check cashing joints, we never would have found this place on our own, but I'm so glad we did! I loved my whole catfish, crispy but not greasy, flaky yet moist. Fries were good too. Redneckhunter ordered a 5 hot-wing appetizer - instead of the 1/2 wings we were expecting, they gave him 5 full wings and threw in hush puppies and fries too.

Corky's BBQ
5259 Poplar Avenue
Memphis, TN
(901) 685-9744

James' & Jack's Catfish Shack
3706 S Mendenhall Road
Memphis, TN
(901) 366-6967

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1000yregg said...

I went to Corky's in the late 90's before seeing Masada play in Memphis. There were no seats so we got take out ribs and went to McDonald's next door, ordered sodas, and ate our BBQ there- memorable.