Sunday, January 14, 2007

Red Ginger of Georgetown, New Year's Eve

While I know that prix fixe menus are not the best judge of a restaurant, I was just hoping for more for New Year's Eve. While I didn't dislike the food at Red Ginger, it just wasn't anything special. The appetizers were the best part of the meal: mine was lobster with leeks and cremini mushrooms over grits with a curry cream sauce, redneckhunter got a jerk chicken served with vidalia onion, cabbage and potato hash. Both sauces were so good I sopped them up with the bread.

Started going downhill 2nd course: redneckhunter got a crab cake with mango relish (ho-hum) and I got crispy quail (not as good as Aladdin's Palace) with an enoki mushroom and three bean salad (kinda bland).

For the main courses, the main problem was that while the meat was cooked well, the flavors and sauces lacked any interest. I got whole red snapper (pictured above)-- the tomato-based sauce was like something I could have made myself.

Redneckhunter's adobo duck with a blood-orange reduction didn't really have any adobo flavor, and the sauce was just sweet. His side dish, a quinoa-pumpkin salad, was bland.

Dessert was equally disappointing: in the mango cobbler, the fruit wasn't cooked soft enough. The flourless chocolate cake should have been more decadently rich. The best part of both desserts was the ice cream.

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