Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Woo Jeon, Edison, NJ

Friday night we went to Woo Jeon in Edison for my friend brownie's birthday. She was in the mood for barbecue as we actually had a good-sized group for it -- you just can't do BBQ for 2 people.

I still think Woo Chon in NYC is the best -- the meat there is just amazing and sliced so thin. But for New Jersey, this place is good. Princeton professor and novelist Chang Rae-Lee has been spotted there.

I appreciate that they use real coals, as opposed to the mini- propane tanks used at most places. And that they change your grill pan mid-way.

In addition to the 2 barbecue meat platters and the many pajon dishes, we ordered a dolsot bi bim bop, a stir-fried squid dish with nice thick spicy sauce served with perfectly tender rice noodles, and a soon doo boo (tofu stew with seafood and pork). It was a lot of food, but we saved room for a beautiful pear frangipane tart brought by one of the girls. The restaurant staff, again with the good service, were kind enough to bring it out on a glass cake stand with a candle, and piped in a peppy syncopated Korean-accented "Happy Birthday" song over the sound system!

Woo Jeon Restaurant, 411 Route 1, (732)572-6100

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brownie said...

Just up there again, last Sat nite. We had the bulgogi and chicken bbq and that squid dish, again. Oh, I love it so. Spicy, just a tad of sweetness, but more as accent than anything else. I could just about eat the whole big dish PLUS bbq. Panchan were awesome as ever. Actually, the little dish of squid that they give is just a mini-portion of the chile-squid dish. Go know. We also had the veggie stirfry...you'd think, oh that'll be bland and blah, but no, it was actually quite good. A nice mix of veg, mushrooms, carrots, peppers, something unfamiliar but perhaps a root veg of some sort? The sauce was interesting, a hint of heat, a touch of sweet, and yet still good. As fougoo knows, brownie does NOT like sweet asian food, sugared up for the American palate. We were also given a freebie...some sort of mayo-eggy thing with fish in it, kind of a cross between casserole and omelet. Between the egg and mayo, brownie wasn't thrilled, but SilverSpringsGal ate almost half of it and it waren't small!
Love this place!!