Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Noah's On the Side

Near my friend's home in Elicott City, MD, and a block down from the Canopy Pit Beef place is a great food shop called Noah's On the Side.
It's run by a husband and wife team: he's a gourmet chef, she's a pastry chef. They do catering from the shop, but you can also come in for some amazing sandwiches and side items. The menu also changes week to week depending on their ingredients, so you may not get the same sandwich twice.
My friend Al's favorite item is their London Broil. It's served rare, of course, and it's marinated in brown sugar and espresso, giving it a uniquely sweet flavor.
Tonight, I ordered a roasted pork loin sandwich with fresh mozarella, broccoli rabe, and basil puree on rustic garlic bread. I particularly liked the bitterness of the rabe- it was reminiscent of the "ku" flavor of certain Chinese vegetables- nice pairing with the other parts of the sandwich.
I also got a side of garlic creamed spinach, and for tomorrow, I got a side of sweet pea and ginger risotto. I sampled some of my friend Kristen's organic quinoa with blueberries and cashews, and her sweet peas, wild mushrooms and farmer's cheese.
Yummy for my tummy.


1000yregg said...

eating the risotto for lunch- tasty!

1000yregg said...

Alas, this place has closed as of May 2007.