Friday, September 01, 2006

Dessert meals in NYC

Sometimes when I'm grazing solo in NYC, I just eat what I want to and end up having dessert meals. Yesterday, after seeing the Anglomania exhibit at the Met, I head down 2 blocks to the Lady M Cake Boutique at 78th and Madison. My parents discovered the original Lady M in Tokyo and fell in love with their signature dessert: the milles-crepe, 20 crepes layered with "ethereally light and creamy custard." The hint of burnt caramelized sugar blowtorched on the top is divine. My dad has been trying for years to recreate this -- his personal spin on it is mixing matcha (green tea powder) into the cream.

I then head down to Union Square where I was going to eventually meet my friend, but in the chow tour, the destination was The City Bakery. I love love love the pretzel croissants -- a perfect hybrid: denser and chewier than regular croissants, but still with all those buttery layers; salted on top like a pretzel, but flaky like a croissant. The pretzel croissant inspires such devotion, that it actually has it's own website.

So feeling a bit more in the mood for actual food food, I did actually get a small plate from the salad bar -- for a white establishment they do tofu alright there, not bland like white people usually do, for one thing they use the dried smoked tofu that i like better. Then I got a 1/2 dozen of the melt-in-your-mouth mini peanut butter cookies to bring over to my friend's place.

And this was from NYC earlier in summer, though I never blogged about it. Another grazing lunch where we split a sandwich, so that we could get dessert (the dessert and coffee cost more than our actual lunch): blueberry pie with an oh-so-flaky crust and super-gingery ginger sandwich cookies with hazelnut cream from some place on 10th Street who's name escapes me. Irene if you read this, please help me out.


fougoo said...

Irene says:

We had dessert at Westville 210 West 10th St between Bleecker & West 4th St ~ it's a good place to eat "real" food as well as enjoying their homemade baked goodies ~ Their prices are very reasonable ~ especially considering their location in the West Village & they serve lots of fresh vegies

Robin a flickr photog has pixs of the place & the food

Anonymous said...

oh, yum! i want to have one of those croissant pretzels one day...and i canʻt believe you said "white people!" maybe i just feel overly sensitive this week about the silliest things. iʻm currently obsessing over the mounds of plastic trash thatʻs killing the albatross in the Hawaiiian islands, mostly in the northwestern islands but still, itʻs our trash thatʻs been floating up all the way there. what does this have to do with food? well, nothing and then something...just rambling, but it makes me feel guilty throwing away food packaging. -L