Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor Day Food Down at the Ocean, Hon

What a Labor Day Weekend at the ocean. Despite Ernesto drenching us Friday night, it was still a wonderful time eating and lounging.
We went to the Crabcake Factory in Ocean City, and shared the crabcake feast- 5 all lump 5 oz crabcakes with fries and slaw. For those unschooled in blue crab meat, the lump meat is the best part of the crab. The good stuff!

A visit to Ocean City's boardwalk would be incomplete without a visit to Thrashers, quite possibly some of the best fries you can get anywhere. Made from fresh cut potatoes, not frozen, they are fried in peanut oil to order.
They provide no ketchup, instead you sprinkle salt on and generously douse with apple vinegar. So good. Marylanders do like Old Bay, but it would not be the Thrashers way.

Today, we spent the afternoon in Rehoboth Beach, DE before heading back home, and we happened upon a great fish and chip place called go fish! We had tasty beer battered fish & chips here, and they were pretty delicious.

I got a side of the mushy peas as well. Another person in the group added a fried, battered sausage to his meal, and we all had a bite. Great place to check out when down on the ocean.

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