Friday, September 01, 2006

Cameraphone meals

I'm gonna apologize ahead of time for these bad pics, but these 2 recent meals were worth mentioning:

First up is the Spanish restaurant Malaga in Trenton. For a while there, my friend Steph was going there 3 times a week... This pic is of her favorite dish, the langostinos -- I don't think the photo conveys the size of those suckers! That night I had the mariscada, a spicy seafood stew, and N. had veal scallopini. Everything was delicioso and way too much food to finish. Dessert was of the wonderfully cheesy Jersey Italiano variety, most likely delivered from some factory in Newark: tiramisu in little plastic cups, the sorbet served in the frozen fruit itself, spumoni and tartufo, you get the picture.

Next meal of note was Woo Jeon in Edison, NJ. Here's the wide array of panchan we got: kim chee, watercress, broccoli, fish cake, gelatinous mung bean cake, bean sprouts, seaweed, daikon... We ordered the jaeyook gui (spicy pork barbecue) though because we only ordered one portion, we couldn't cook it ourselves on the hot grill. Next time I go, I'm gonna bring 1000yregg and try the tongue BBQ. We also got a hotpot stew with seafood, sticky rice cake, and noodles which were wonderfully dense and chewy, and jap chae. Andrew, one of the gregarious sushi chefs from Sakura Express in Princeton, happened to be sitting at the table next to us and so nicely sent over a soon doo boo (spicy tofu stew) to our table. The tofu was so lusciously silky... it blows Sushi/Bagel's out of the water...

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1000yregg said...

yeah, i want some kushi on the korean bbq!