Sunday, August 20, 2006

Return to Obrycki's in Baltimore

With friends in town from NYC and it being peak season, we had to go for crabs in Baltimore. Originally we planned to try Bo Brooks, but upon reflection, we decided to go back to probably my favorite crab place, Obrycki's.
Unlike many places who use the traditional Old Bay seasoning for the steamed crabs, Obrycki's uses a unique mustard and pepper seasoning. The crabs, now in peak season were sweet and juicy. This was Andy's first experience participating in the crab "pick and eat" activities. Vegetarians and hygeine OCD'ers would truly freak out at the process of cracking open each crab, fingers removing guts and eating out all the delicious meat inside. I think Andy licked the shell once to taste some of the great seasoning.
We also had some of the savory crab soup, fried clams, fries, and onion rings, and the dessert of the caramel coffee cake and key lime pie really hit the spot.

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