Monday, August 21, 2006

Flying Monkey Patisserie in Philadelphia

Saturday we went to check out the Flying Monkey Patisserie in Reading Terminal Market in Philly. At 3 in the afternoon, the bakery cases were pretty picked over -- always a good sign. They were sold out of their tahini, sesame-encrusted rice crispie treats, so we opted to try a sampling of cupcakes. Clockwise from top left are white cupcake with coconut frosting, chocolate cake with white frosting filling and chocolate frosting on top, white cake with coffee frosting, and chocolate cake with vanilla frosting. Coffee frosting was rich and buttercreamy, white cake was nicely dense and moist. Chocolate frosting was delicious and pudding-y. We left the other 2 with my friend so she'll have to tell me how they were. But what I really want them to make are t-shirts with their cute logo!

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