Monday, August 21, 2006

Nassau Sushi/Bagel in Princeton, NJ

You would think an affluent community with a lively main street like Princeton would be full of good restaurants, but sadly it's not the case. Most places in town are just never worth the money or wait. In fact it's the divey places that cater to students that are much better -- the classic Hoagie Haven, the wings and other fried foods at Chuck's Spring Street (formerly owned by the infamous murdering Menendez brothers). And there's always sushi -- 6 places within 3 blocks and one more about a mile down the road!! -- though only one of them (and it's sister resto) are run by Japanese people.

So I've always liked the Sushi/Bagel place more for it's Korean food. Despite last night's horrendous service by the super-young inexperienced waiter (have you ever gotten so fed up waiting that you actually walked across the street to buy yourself something to drink?), I'll try not to let it sully my liking of this place. Panchan (sp?) -- Korean appetizers -- are always tasty. It's the only broccoli I actually like! N. and I were in the mood for "bops" -- N.'s was a kimchee bokum bop, mine was hwe dup bop (raw fish & veggies over rice). I'm also partial to the soon doo boo (tofu stew) which I got take out for my next day's meal, and the la bok kee (noodles in hot sauce with sticky rice cake, fish cakes and hard-boiled eggs).

And it's right next door to Princeton's famous Thomas Sweet's ice cream, and incidentally they do also make pretty good egg and cheese on bagel sandwiches...

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