Thursday, November 03, 2011

Tian Chinese & Korean and Mad For Chicken, Ellicott City, MD

There is no denying I'm obsessed with Korean style fried chicken. I've accepted driving 1-2 hours away to get my fix. I was very excited that Tian Chinese & Korean in Ellicott City started serving it a few months ago. They are making a brand of "K"FC called Mad for Chicken. As is common with "K"FC, you either order in advance or you can expect to wait 30-45 minutes for them to make the chicken, but it's worth it. They offer both the regular soy garlic, and the spicy versions. While I think I prefer the flavor of Bon Chon, Mad for Chicken is a good representative of why I love this stuff: crispy skin, juicy meat, not too saucy. My preference is also for the drumsticks over the wings.
They offer whole chicken on the menu, but this is not made the same way, so I would caution folks to just stick with the wings or drums options. Additionally, the orders include the daikon in vinegar and boiled peanuts (so Asian).

One time, when waiting for the chicken order, I tried Tian's chajan myun. I had heard that the noodles were made in house from HowChow, and they started pounding away in the back when I was waiting for my order.
I had the samson-gan chajang, which came with squid and shrimp in the black bean sauce. It's served with raw onion, pickles, and some chile sauce. It was good. The noodles were light and really held onto the sticky thick black bean sauce.

 8801 Baltimore Natl Pike # 21
 Ellicott City, MD
(410) 418-8198

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