Friday, September 10, 2010

The English Market, Cork, Ireland

Redneckhunter and I just got back from a trip to Ireland, Scotland, and London. Trying to pack in over 2000 miles of driving around the islands and seeing the sights, we stuck mostly to pub grub. Pork and potatoes were pretty much daily fare, and of course we also tried as much as we could to take advantage of the wonderful fresh seafood!

The first culinary-related stop on our journey was in Cork -- to pay a visit to the historic English Market. Claiming to be the oldest market of its kind, the English Market dates back to 1788.

Charming inside and out, the market was filled with stalls selling fresh meat, seafood, and other delectables. We also had our best cup of coffee in Ireland at the Coffee Central stall.

It's always the dilemma with visiting markets when you're traveling - so much food, and nowhere to cook it! But we did get to sample some of the English Market's sausages at nearby Clancy's Pub -- our first plate of bangers and mash in Ireland!

The English Market
Grand Parade
Cork, County Cork, Ireland

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Wizardess said...

Ooooohhhh...I'm going to Edinburgh at the end of Oct. I hope you got there & found some good eats!! Please post'em if so.