Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Haute Dog Carte, Baltimore

I've dropped by Baltimore's Haute Dog Carte in Mt. Washington a few times for lunch the last few weeks. They are a gourmet hotdog stand that also runs different kinds of gourmet sausages/dogs from week to week.
On my first trip, I had their Baltimore Dog which consisted of delicious pork and Old Bay seasoning. It was cooked in a "European steam" method- the dogs placed in a container and steam is piped in underneath. The wonderful buns were also warmed using skewers.
Other methods Haute Dog is making their hotdogs include the roller grill and the charcoal grill.

On my most recent trip, I enjoyed their weekly Chef's dog, the Tijuana Danger Dog, made by chef Sarah of Hampden's 13.5%: Duroc pork butt, applewood smoked bacon, pigeon peas, and chiles d'arbol. It was topped with a custom made peach ketchup.

6070 Falls Road
Baltimore, MD

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