Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Prime Meats, Brooklyn

On a blustery December night, I found myself chauffeuring 1000yregg over to Prime Meats, the heralded meatery at the end of Carroll Gardens. In a relatively short time, this restaurant has become a symbol of Brooklyn's fooderati: locally sourced, decadently butchered, and accepting no reservations. But would we be so impressed?

We were lucky to duck into a communal booth, because the railroaded room and stool-less bar gets busy early. Deciding to be a big eater but cheap drinker, I tried the house punch (described as 'punch' on the menu), a citrus concoction steeped in bitters and served in a punch glass. We prepared ourselves for the 'authentic' German meat house experience, along with the dollops of mustache wax gleaming from the bartenders. We started with a tablet of charcuterie, house-cured salamis, bologne, with touches of mustard.
Next was the big test, an order of bone marrow with a garlic relish and toast. It was truly delightful, and sinfully salted.

1000yregg plunged into house made sausage plate with sauerkraut- it had weiss wurst, knockwurst, a piece of tongue and a block of pork belly. I took a left-turn instead; I went for the fish. Any good restaurant worth it's salt should be able to dish out everything to the highest elevation, and this trout with horseradish did not disappoint. In fact, it made room for another glass of delicious punch from our hirsute barkeeps.

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