Thursday, January 07, 2010

Djerdan Burek, NYC

Gallup and I wanted to find a place to eat close to Penn Station, and my friend, a frequent North Jersey-to-NYC train traveler, had told me about Djerdan Burek (which she'd read about in Time Out NY Cheap Eats). I had to text her immediately to thank her for the tip! With the prices as low as they were, we thought everything we ordered would only be about 1/2 or 1/4 as big as they actually were! We ordered way too much food...

We got a spinach burek roll, a slice of the meat burek pie, an an order of fried dumplings to start. That would have seriously been enough for dinner... The meat pie was my favorite - the crust was super flaky!

Luckily we were wise enough to decide to share an entree - which was Stuffed Beef Patty - Pljeskavica, a beef patty stuffed with Bulgarian cheese and thin slices of smoked beef served on a pita. The beef patty was enormous - the roll and patty were the size of a dinner plate. The smoked meat was an excellent flavor addition to the ground beef, and the paprika-laden sauce was delicious.

Both of us also wanted to try a side of the polenta with yogurt and Bulgarian cheese, again, a huge portion. This was excellent - more like cream of wheat or grits, I'd say, and really wonderful with the yogurt and cheese.

If I hadn't stopped him, Gallup would have wanted to try dessert - all of which sounded amazing. There was one which was a whole baked apple stuffed with chocolate, walnuts, and cream, which I'll have to try next time.

We only finished about 1/2 of everything, so luckily Redneckhunter got to taste everything from the doggie bag we brought home!

Djerdan Burek
221 W 38th St, NYC
(between 7th and 8th)
(212) 921-1183


lani moo said...

i want to try that soup! an that apple dessert sounds heavenly. Take me here next time we hang out =)

Anonymous said...

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