Monday, November 17, 2008

Octuberfest XI

Last weekend, ol_ironstomach and his wife gubeen hosted their annual Octuberfest celebration at the Slackhaus. I posted about this party last year as I had made redneckhunter's White Trasherole dish and won for favorite of the party.
This time, both fougoo and redneckhunter were able to come down to the party. We were considering making Irish potatoes, but by popular demand, we brought back the White Trasherole.

Gubeen had some nice tuber dishes on hand right away- including potatoes au gratin, raw sunchokes (which were great), and she had some Cornish pastie and a pork pie.

Other dishes included sweet potatoes with marshmallow (it should be the other way) and some potatoes stuffed with cheese.
The winner for favorite of the night was a pastry where stuffed with creamy sweet potato filling. The also had yummy cream puffs in the center.

Jake again made his Lancashire Hotpot. He did not include kidney this year, but it was still spectacular nonetheless. He had it in the oven for about 5 hours and boy, was the lamb so tender and delicious.
Personally, this was again my favorite dish.

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