Thursday, November 20, 2008

Danish Lunch in Rockville

I went with my friends to the annual Danish Christmas Bazaar organized by the Danish Club of Washington D.C. this past weekend in Rockville, MD. According to my friend, during the holiday season, lunches are a big event for native Danes. He also said, that the food served for lunch in Denmark was much better than dinner food.

We went to the lunch line, and pretty much, it was an array of opened faced sandwiches. The bread used was a dense dark bread. I got the Fisk Fillet (fried fish with a remoulade sauce) and the Frikadeller (fried meatball) sandwiches.
I also got to try the Leverpostej (liver pate) sandwich- a little soggy and not very liver-y. The Derlaegens Natmad, or Vet's nite snack, consisted of beef and liver pate topped with consomme jelly.

One of the best parts of the bazaar was the Danish baker who was there. We tried danishes made by him, and they were pretty great. The danishes all had marzipan baked into the centers- which created a really nice subtle flavor. We also got Kransekage (marzipan cookies) which were delicious. My friend said they reminded him of New Year's in Denmark.

There was also Danish candy at the bazaar. They had some really good caramels. My friend got a favorite of his, Turkish Pepper, one of the most disgusting candies I've ever had. He said that it was considered spicy for Danes. I don't know what's wrong with the Danish palate, but the candy wasn't spicy- it was just gross. I discourage anyone from trying Turkish Pepper.

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