Monday, December 17, 2007

Wagyu Beef Tasting at Vidalia

Tonight, I went to a DonRockwell event at DC restaurant Vidalia. It was for a dual tasting of Wagyu sirloin prepared by chef RJ Cooper.
We started with an appetizer of Poussin Rillettes, basically young chickens slow cooked in fat then cooled into a pate- it was delicious.
We had the Wagyu prepared in 2 ways- first up was a carpaccio with arugula salad. "Oh baby I like it raw!" The marbling was spectacular, and the beef was so rich. The chef had a choice of special salts to eat with the meat. My favorite was a Himalayan which was freshly ground from a salt rock with shark skin. It had a slight sulfur flavor to it. It was paired with a nice white wine, Villard Viognier.
The second preparation was seared accompanied by a side of the garlic fried rice from Cityzen courtesy of chef Eric Ziebold. The cooking of the beef added new levels of flavor and texture. I love how this quality of beef just melts in the mouth. One guest's wife who was a vegetarian for the last 15 years ended up eating a piece of the seared Wagyu- not a bad way to lose her vegetarianity. This was paired with a nice red wine, a Mustiguillo Bobal Blend.


BrookLEn said...

If we were all doctors, we'd get IV-fed waygu beef. 1000yregg, you never take me out anymores!

1000yregg said...

if we were all iv-fed wagyu, we'd have a coronary and stroke at the same time.
thank man for lipitor.

Anonymous said...

What a cool experience! That beef looks sooo good. I am jealous! Next time you know of an opportunity like this, let us in on it! Lar and I would totally have gone. Happy Holidays, Kwan

Anonymous said...

My favorite was a Himalayan which was freshly ground from a salt rock with shark skin.

Just then I had a flashback to that Dilbert cartoon where Dogbert uses his company-subsidized meal to order the bigfoot steak grilled over moon rocks.

Olga said...

Have been trying to go to Vidalia for Restaurant Week, but alas it was all booked...maybe next year.