Thursday, December 13, 2007

Monk's Cafe, Philadelphia

I took Gallup to Monk's Cafe one Saturday night before a concert. I had forgotten how packed this place got on the weekends - the poor waiters are barely able to maneuver past people while carrying plates of food and steins of beer overhead. Luckily, a couple seats opened up at the bar, so we jumped on them and decided to eat at the bar.

We got a rabbit terrine appetizer with great wheaty bread and a yummy sauce, and a "small" pot of Provence mussels, one of 7 varieties (the large pot could feed a family!) with the requisite Belgian frites with bourbon mayonnaise. And of course a roll to sop up all the mussel broth.

We sat next to a guy from Wisconsin who was in Philly for work and happily eating rack of lamb and loving it.

I love Monk's for the food, but what you really go there for is the beer - over 200 varieties! You have to look at the beer bible to fully appreciate it. But Gallup's Kasteel Rouge was one of the best beers he's had in years.

Monk's Cafe
16th and Spruce Street
Philadlphia, PA
(215) 545-7005

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Olga said...

Wow, this was one of my favorite places when I went to Philly! I went there for dinner and was apprehensive about eating on my own, but it was SO worth it! I had the mussels with leeks and blue cheese: divine!!!