Monday, December 03, 2007

Le P'tit Plateau, Montreal

While researching for our Montreal trip, I came across a recommendation for an interesting sounding locals restaurant on the Don Rockwell board. It was for Le P'tit Plateau, a bring your own wine restaurant serving southern French style cuisine. Needless to say, it was an incredible meal.
We started with appetizers that were house specialties. First, we had the foie gras maison cuit au torchon- poached foie gras served chilled with toast, raisins, and onion. The taste was decadent.
We also had a small plate of their smoked salmon smoked on the premises.
It was great having a party of four adventurous eaters because we got to try several main courses. Gallup got got the medallion of red deer venison with red wine sauce. The texture of the venison was a so tender, and the sauce was rich in flavor.

Fougoo got the Alberta lamb confit- cooked slowly for 15 hours. The meat just fell off the bone- amazing.

Redneckhunter's dish was simply spectacular and the house specialty, the cassoulet. It was clearly slow cooked for a long time as the white beans were soft. It included sausage, pheasant, and pork.

I got the grilled duck magret in porto and orange sauce. It was impeccably cooked. I also liked my side of potatoes au gratin.

Dessert was also spectacular. We shared the black chocolate mousse on praline crust. The crust made it all worth it.

We also got a dessert called floating islands, vanilla & caramel which consisted of poached meringues in creme anglaise.

330 Rue Marie-Anne Est
(514) 282-6342


BrookLEn said...

Decadent, delicious-- good to see lots of game meats... that Alberta lamb looks wild...

Zoe said...

Beautiful! Le P'tit Plateau is one of our favorite restaurants. We just had our anniversary dinner there. I had the cassoulet and it really was amazing.