Sunday, March 11, 2007

Thai Dim Sum at Rabieng, DC

I met up with my friend, Mike, in Falls Church, VA to try Thai style Dim Sum at a restaurant called Rabieng which I had first read about on Suburban Tasteland a few months ago.
I arrived a little early, so I ordered with a Singha beer and an appetizer of spicy wok fried cashews that went great with the beer.

I was most looking forward to the pan fried jumbo chive dumplings. The skin was actually made of sticky rice and the dumpling was packed with chives. It was really tasty.

This is the sticky rice with marinated beef strips. It had a nice sweet flavor.

The grilled green curry shrimp satay was next- it was not as sweet as most green curries I've had, but the shrimp was good.

This was followed by the shell sea coconut crab wonton. The sweetness of the coconut tasted good with the crabmeat inside.

I really loved the rice cake with coconut pork sauce. The slight chili flavor in the sauce was really great with the crispy rice cakes.

We ordered the Tod Mon or "fish cakes" which were really delicious. They reminded me of fish balls in texture, but sliced thin and then dipped in a sweet chili sauce.

The Bangkok St. Peking duck roll was just ok. This was probably because the duck was not freshly cooked, nor was the pancake it was wrapped in.

These are the fried sesame plantain bananas. Their flavor was nice and their texture was nice and light.

Our tenth and last dish was the Som Tom crabmeat papaya salad. It was straightforward and yummy- a nice close to the meal.

Rabieng Thai Restaurant
5892 Leesburg Pike
Falls Church, VA 22041
(703) 820-5775


fougoo said...

I know they are small plates, but I still can't believe that only 2 of you ate that much!

1000yregg said...

no breakfast, fat ass, and everything tasted so good. my singha also helped with fat breakdown.

Anonymous said...

This is the thai food I grew up with! Yummy! I have to check this place out! Thanks for the tip! Maybe we'll see you soon! Kwan