Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Mighty THOR?

As a treat to the beginning of my spring break, LBT offered to take me to the restaurant of my choice on Friday; I picked Thor, located in the hipster-busking Lower East Side. We are both fans of Kurt Gutenbrunner, master chef of Wallsé and Cafe Sabarsky, but early reviews I read about Thor made it out to be über-trendy, loud, and just plain obnoxious.

Even though the large, open room was fairly empty, the mood of the place did not reflect the streets outside. We started with a surprising bibb salad, and a tuna and potato pancake appetizer; the tuna turned out to be the only dish we didn't relish, mainly due to excessive use of cumin.

For entrees, we shared duck ravioli over swiss chard and pear, and a lobster and cauliflower puree and truffle oil. Both went down without a fuss. We added french fries and green & white asparagus sides *(asparagus is the french fry of the vegetable world, after all), both eagerly anticipated and finished.

Thor's dessert special couldn't have been more up my alley: a peanut butter ice cream sandwich. All the time, our waiter was attentive and genuinely nice. I can't wait for Spring Break next year...

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