Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Olde Malt Shop, Baltimore

Right in my neighborhood in Baltimore, I wandered into this malt shop and ice cream parlor and grabbed a frosty chocolate mslted milk shake.
The place is called The Olde Malt Shop/Earl's Beauty Inn, and I ended up chatting with one of the place's owners. He mentioned their place has been on Rachael Ray's Tasty Travels, and that the place originated as a pharmacy, but has been an ice cream place since the 1940's. The decor is pretty classic with all these knicknacks all over the walls and shelves. I sat in a great old wooden booth to have my shake. Reviewing the menu, I saw that they also have snowballs, egg cremes, floats and sundaes as well as hot dogs and burgers.

The Olde Malt Shop
635 E. Fort Ave.
Baltimore, MD
(410) 752-3680

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Unknown said...

This makes me want to cry seeing this place... REST IN PEACE MR EARL I love ya pal.So many great memories here, I wanted to take this spot over, but I was a bit too late to make it happen.