Friday, March 30, 2007

Latin American candy

Brownie came back from a trip to Costa Rica, Guatemala and Mexico with a bag of silly candy for me. Do you think Snickers and Milky Way sound as silly to people from other countries as Rockaleta, Pulparindo, and Bubu Lubu do to us?

But the best has to be crunching into King Carlos V's Explosive Balls!!

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Unknown said...

hahaha, well i'm form south america, and let me tell u something, Milky way, and snickers does not sould as stupid and funny as "Pulparindo" or "BUBU LUBU", thos sound funny enven for me hahaha. As for the Carlos V the funny thing is the combination fo facts but the other names are like the mster card ads, PRICELESS hhahaha.

I think that the funny ones we got here form u are, Runts, Nerds, hmmm milky way is not funny to me, mars neither. We have lots now, but wtf, brazil and central america rules for this stuff, as nort as u go, funnyer the names they get =P

nice post.