Thursday, October 19, 2006

Top Chef, second season

I hate to spend too much time in the surreal world of reality TV, but we must take notice: Top Chef season 2 premiered tonight. Watching Harold (the Top Chef from Season 1) in action as the first guest chef suggested that this season's talent seems a little... underseasoned? Harold displayed confidence, charm, and a general respect for the food, and only a couple of the chefs (Elia and Ilan notably) really impressed me with their style and attitude. However, you can't really taste through television (yet!), so maybe Lee Anne's recreation of the recipes on the website will add some smell-o-vision to the show... when does that get posted, Bravo?


1000yregg said...

padma lakshmi is hot! so far liking her better than billy joel's wife. way to go salman!

lickingpants said...

She has a nice scar on her arm.