Saturday, October 21, 2006

Cheesesteaks at Abner's

We've covered many Philadelphia cheese steak joints at this blog. The other night Fougoo and I were up in Philly, and we decided to go to Abner's near UPenn and Drexel.
The restaurant is above a "Gentleman's Club" which will accept delivery from the cheesesteak place- how awesome is that? Boobs and hoagies!
Oh yeah, you can also get 40's at this place- even more awesome.
Anyways, the cheesesteak was pretty damn good. I had it with onions, mushrooms, and of course, the WHIZ!
One thing unique to Abner's is that you can get waffle fries smothered with warm Cheez Whiz. Plaque formingly delicious.

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Anonymous said...

Good food, bad company.

--- Melinda