Sunday, October 08, 2006

Woo Chon Korean BBQ in Manhattan

Saturday night, my cousins and I met up at my favorite Korean Barbeque place in New York City, Woo Chon.
I discovered this place with my friend Andy, who was recommended this place by Macarthur Fellowship winner John Zorn.
I recall we went late at night as this place is open 24 hours, and I tasted some of the best Korean BBQ ever. It is also unique in that the the place switches grills from meat to meat.
As is standard, we received a large variety of appetizer and side dishes with our meal. This includes the usual Kim Chee and vegetables, but we also had a spiced raw crab, little egg covered fish nuggets, and a steamed egg dish. We also ordered the Jauyuk Kimchi with Tofu appetizer which consisted of pork stir fried with kimchee with a block of tofu.
The first meat we had was the premium beef tongue. This was some really amazing tongue I have to admit- really fatty and sliced very thin. You dip this in a sauce made of salt, pepper and sesame oil. One of my cousins at first was worried about trying tongue, but when she had this, she was an instant convert.
This is a shot of the Teuk Galbi, marinated beef rib made of premium Angus beef. I like to wrap these is lettuce with some of the spicy bean paste.

The ultimate meat to our BBQ experience was the Yang Bulgogi aka marinated lamb. Notice the trough on this cooking plate. It's used to catch the drippings from the cooked lamb which you then apply on some rice. Fantastic. The meat is also so sweet. Probably the best lamb I've ever eaten.

Woo Chon

8-10 W. 36th Street (Cross Street: Between Fifth and Sixth Avenues.)
New York, NY 10018
(212) 695-0676

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