Monday, July 17, 2006

Pit Beef from The Canopy

Being a native of Baltimore, you have to appreciate the joy of pit beef sandwiches. Arby's artificial meat product stands no chance against beatiful medium rare slices of beef slabs roasted about a fire pit. I have friends in Ellicott City, and they turned me on to The Canopy on Rt. 40 because it's a block from their house.
I hope to explore more pit beef in the area, but The Canopy is a darn good start. The sandwich I had yesterday was rare enough that in layers, it became a little bloody. On top, I had horseradish, mayo and onion, all in a kaiser roll.
Additionally, the fries at The Canopy are great- fresh cut potatoes fried in peanut oil and salted. To drink, of course, birch beer!


Anonymous said...

a good beer can make a meal fabulous! ^_^

Anonymous said...

It sounded good and then you lost me with "it became a little bloody" -- Ew!

breadman said...

I been going to the Canopy for over 6 years about 5 times a week The food is wonderful and the staff is awsome I always enjoy the food especially the bread
Mr. Bread

MaybeKathy said...

I'm lucky enough to live half a block form this Canopy. Not only is the Pit Beef good, but the ham and turkey are also excellent. Ask for the fries "well done" to avoid limp disappointment. And for a real local treat, top them with vinegar AND Old Bay.