Saturday, July 15, 2006

Cafe Chloe - San Diego, CA

Next week, I am in San Diego for Comic-Con - a gigantic nerd fest. However, aside from looking at cool Japanese action figures, I am excited to eat again at Cafe Chloe near the San Diego Convention Center. I found this place via Chowhound last year, and I just loved it.
First off, great breakfasts! The scrambled eggs were runny, and the coffee was Illy. Way better than any diner- this place felt like you were in Europe.

Second, the lunch there was also fantastic. I could not resist the lavender lemonade- so refreshing. Their mussels with saffron broth and pommes frites were mentioned in the NY Times 36 hours in San Diego this year. I also loved their fromage plate with honeycomb & house-made compote - it was a great starter.
This year I plan go their at least a couple of times to try their affogatto, drawn espresso with vanilla bean ice cream, and also the macaroni, pancetta & gorgonzola gratin. Foodie and nerdie!

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fougoo said...

macaroni, pancetta & gorgonzola gratin - yum! that's like high-class trasherole!

the redneck's suggestion for san diego is the broken yolk with the dozen egg omelette challenge. you'll have to blog it if you go!