Sunday, April 03, 2011

Revisit to Cochon, Philadelphia

Redneckhunter and I had to be in South Philly for an event last Friday night, so we took the opportunity of being in that neighborhood (where we rarely find ourselves) to eat at Cochon with some friends, throwing Lenten tradition out the window by choosing a restaurant that worships the pig...

It was a cold night - perfect for pork and other hearty fare. For starters Redneckhunter got his beloved fried chicken livers - a very generous bowl of them (not too photogenic, though). One friend got frog legs served over a fennel salad, and I got a pan-fried gnocchi with pork ragout (or maybe it was wild boar, I can't quite remember...)

For main courses, we tried a variety of that night's specials. The had just ran out of a pork belly dish from the specials - served over lentils and brussels sprouts, but they adapted the dish with a pair of quails.
I got pork tenderloin served with gratin potatoes, swiss chard, and 2 sauces - a balsamic reduction and a roasted red pepper emulsion. The pork had a nice smokiness to it.

They also had cassoulet as a special, so as soon as it was mentioned, I knew Redneckhunter would order it. As he noted, everyone makes cassoulet in vastly different ways. This one had a rich flavorful sausage in it, but I prefer my beans a little softer and wetter.

Since we'd already sinned by eating meat, why not indulge in dessert, we thought. The one that caught our attention was "Poor Man's Pudding" - which indeed was a pudding chomeur.

The biscuit was deliciously crumbly, floating in warm maple syrup - yum!

801 East Passyunk Avenue
Philadelphia - (215) 923-7675

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