Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bojangles' Vs. Popeye's Fried Chicken & Biscuits

It's no secret that Fougoo & I are fans of Popeye's Fried Chicken. I can't call it "Louisiana Kitchen". However, I've always heard from friends who have lived in the South that Bojangles' Famous Chicken & Biscuits makes better fried chicken and biscuits than Popeye's.
I discovered that a short drive from my house to New Carrolton, MD would take me to both a branch of Popeye's and Bojangles' about a half mile apart from each other. I wanted to see who's menu items would reign supreme.
I did drive-thru first to Popeye's then to Bojangles', ordering from both places the two-piece meal with biscuit.
I first compared the two biscuits. On visual inspection, the Popeye's biscuit has a slightly more yellowish color and is just a little less thick than the one from Bojangles'. I've always felt that Popeye's biscuit is a bit too greasy, but I usually cut it with some honey or jam. Bojangles' biscuit is much less greasy, and it is also fluffier. It was clearly better, as I finished the Bojangles' biscuit off. I would most certainly return to try one of their biscuit sandwiches.
Now on to the chicken. The Bojangles' chicken (above) is a little less battered than Popeye's. When you bite into the skin, there is slightly more obvious texture of fried skin. The Popeye's chicken seems to have a little more saltiness and flavor than Bojangles'. My preference between the chickens falls to Popeye's in this case.
I tried a few additional sides. The seasoned fries clearly were dominated by Popeye's. The mashed potato & gravy sides were a draw as Popeye's uses a spicy meat gravy and Bojangles' uses a creamy gravy. Bojangles' offers pinto beans that hold nothing to Popeye's red beans & rice.
Winner: close one, but I would give it to my Popeye's. Loser: me.


Mike said...

Bojangles fries are obviously better, to say otherwise almost questions every other point you make.

At Bo's, I usually get the 'supremes' (chicken tenders) and with the honey mustard sauce, I think this is the best item between bojangles and popeyes combined.

I have tried Popeyes at least 6-7 times and every time except once, both the biscuit and chicken were dry.

Stick to Bojangles. Try the Cajun Fillet Biscuit Combo with fries and sweet tea. (w/ honey mustard) You'll be glad you did.

preeti said...

how is taste of popeyes fried chicken ?

Unknown said...

Never had a dry biscuit at Popeyes in my life, best 500 calories ever eaten

Unknown said...

Lived and grew up in New Orleans. Grew up eating Popeye's. Now live in Virginia and managed A Bojangles Resturant. I would say Popeye's chicken taste better than Bojangles but that's my personal opinion. As far as the biscuits go Bojangles wins hands down and this is why. Popeye's use to make their biscuits from scratch all day like Bojangles do but when the owner sold Popeye's something changed as far as the made from scratch method. Popeye's biscuits use to be one of the main reasons I loved to eat there. They were as if not better than Bojangles biscuits. Now I rarely eat one because I know the big difference in the quality of the biscuit smaller and has no taste. As far as the sides that's a hand toss. Just depends on who's you like more.