Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cajun Kate's, Boothwyn, PA

On the way to Delaware this weekend, we made a 3-mile detour off I-95 to find Cajun Kate's - which 1000yregg had read good things about. It's a teeny lunch counter inside the Booth's Corner Farmer's Market. The market itself is huge, and had a lot of promising looking Pennsylvania Dutch butchers, bakers, etc. -- worth checking out next time.

But this visit, we were on a mission for Cajun Kate's. The story behind Kate's is that culinary couple Don and Kate Applebaum grew up in the Philly area, met at The Restaurant School, and found their careers taking them to New Orleans, where they fell in love with the cuisine. After they decided to start a family, they wanted to move back to the PA area, and so brought the taste of NOLA with them.

We scored a couple of stools and dug into red beans and rice, fried mac and cheese (with a deliciously sweet Creole tomato glaze), and gator sausage on a stick with Creole honey mustard. Unfortunately, I didn't realize that there was a "special" mac and cheese that had 4 kinds of cheese and applewood smoked bacon...

We also brought a few quarts of the red beans and rice, along with yummy gumbo, down to the Don Rockwell picnic in DC, which we were headed to the next day. I think they were a big hit!

Cajun Kate's
Booth's Corner Farmer's Market
1362 Naaman's Creek Road
Boothwyn, PA 19061
(484) 947-8914


theminx said...

Glad someone else in the area - besides me - has discovered Cajun Kate's!

The mac and cheese is always special - always 4 cheese, sometimes tasso and crab, sometimes bacon, meatless during Lent - but usually one variety per week.

Their gumbo is outstanding, particularly the smoked duck and wild mushroom which Don makes only a few times a year. I also love the brisket po' boys.

fougoo said...

Yeah the gumbo was great! We didn't try any sandwiches because of how huge they were, but next time!