Monday, May 03, 2010

Dinner at Spice Xing, Rockville, MD

I had one of the best Indian dinners I've had in the MidAtlantic region at Spice Xing in Rockville, MD, courtesy of Chef Sudhir Seth.
We started with Mirchi Paratha, a version that was whole wheat and had a strong spicy kick to it. Fortunately, you could cool it down with some Raita.
We were then served a platter with various appetizers. There was a little salad and some chili cheese toasts. (Indian pizza?)
I liked the vegetable cutless which was red inside from beets. There was Lamb Seekh Kabab and some spicy Tandoori Chicken wings.

I loved the Kathi Roll, chicken with onions and peppers wrapped in Indian bread. It would be a perfect companion to the gyro/kebob as a late night snack.

After appetizers, we were presented with our plates for dinner, already loaded with basmati rice and veggies. The revelation for me was the Methi Chaman. Imagine the spinach loaded Saag Paneer with mustard seed. The flavor is completely different, and so much more subtle. We also had Gobhi Simla Mirchi, a nice cauliflower dish.

We got four different main dishes.
My favorite was the Salli Boti Jardaloo, a sweet and savory lamb stew that had apricots.
We also had the Indo-Chinese "Chili Chicken" and the Nariyal Shrimp Curry.
I also enjoyed the Masala Baked Fish which came out piping hot in a cast iron skillet.

Chef Seth's lentil dish, the Dal Makhni was also fantastic. One of my dinnermates talked with the staff and found out the lentils are roasted beforehand to give a different flavor.

For dessert, we had the Rasmalai, saffron flavored poached cheese dumplings, and the Gajar Halwa, a carrot rice pudding. Needless to say, I was completely stuffed after this fantastic and memorable meal. We were finished off with a piece of Tandoori roasted pineapple.

100-B, Gibbs Street
Rockville MD 20850

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