Thursday, August 06, 2009

Gabriela's, Somerville NJ

In all the years that I've lived in New Jersey, I've always equated Somerville with the Somerville Traffic Circle (which as Mike Myers' Linda Richman character says is neither in Somerville, nor a circle... discuss!).

But when redneckhunter's college roommate was in from Chicago for a work project in the town of Somerville, we drove up to meet him for dinner one night. I never knew that Somerville actually had a real downtown area with quite a few restaurants!

Chicago guy wanted to try a Portuguese place that had intrigued him earlier when he walked by. We started off with a sangria - interestingly enough the place is a BYOB, so you had to bring the wine, and they made the sangria using your wine.

They had a 3 course prix fixe menu for $19.99, but I wasn't hungry enough for all that food, so I just ordered the charcuterie plate above. Smoked meats are always good, but I really liked the little fish croquettes.
The guys did partake of the prix fixe deal -- redneckhunter got steak with cognac and mushroom sauce and Chicago got grilled salmon with fresh garlic, fresh parsley and olive oil.

Not the most inventive of menus, but a good deal. Dessert, incidentally was flan and a traditional lemon cake with raspberries.

42 West Main St
Somerville, NJ 08876
(908) 526-7070

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