Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ange and Ricky, Montreal

Looking for off-the-beaten path lunch options in Montreal, we decided to try Ange & Ricky after reading about it on An Endless Banquet's A to Z Montreal Food Guide.

The hostess/owner spoke little English, so with just 1000yregg's high school French to help us, we managed to get some pretty delicious Haitian food. First off, she let us try samples of the different dishes at her steam table, and then we could decide what we wanted.

Each of the platters came with a side of dirty rice and fried plaintains, so we got 3 different ones to share: l├ęgumes -- a stewed combination of carrots, shredded beef and chayote, tassot -- braised goat, and fried chicken. The accompanying sauces added great flavor, and I really liked the spicy slaw/relish which went especially well with the plaintains and the rice. The platters were also super cheap - I think they were $6 Canadian.

1000yregg and I opted for the homemade limeade, but redneckhunter decided to try the Malta Creole. Boy, was that SWEET.

Ange & Ricky
195 Jarry E.
(514) 385-6094

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