Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Octuberfest X

This past weekend, I went to visit a friend, ol_ironstomach for his annual Octuberfest party. The theme- tubers, tubers, tubers.
This presented a wide variety of interesting dishes. First off, despite being off the theme, the hosts had a 1 year aged ham they brought back from a recent trip to Kentucky.
I brought Fougoo/Redneckhunter's White Trasherole as my dish. I actually won favorite of the night.
There was Jicama salad, odd potatoes wrapped in salmon, a delicious pork pie, potato kugel, potato croquettes, empanadas, and a sweet potato with sausage casserole.

There was also an interesting variety of desserts - sweet potato pie with and without walnuts, nice strong gingerbread cookies, ginger bread, a nice sweet potato flan, and tapioca pudding. One person made chocolates with butter cream- the tuber was in potato used in the butter cream- they diappeared quickly.

This was a tasty batch of Vegetable Samosas from a Northern Virginia place- they even added little chile flecks in the potato inside.

These were french pastries stuffed with mashed potato and bacon.

Hands down, my favorite dish was the Lancashire Hotpot- slow cooked in a large pot- it consisted of lamb on the bone, some lamb kidney, onion, seasoning, stock, and a layer of potatoes sliced thin on top. Wow, the flavor, then tendon, the moistness.

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