Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Lunch at Soba-ya, NYC

Fougoo, Redneckhunter, our friend Melinda, and I met up for lunch in the East Village at the Japanese restaurant Soba-ya over the weekend. The place is known for it's homemade buckwheat soba noodles made on the premises.
We started with an appetizer of Uni Tororo- sea urchin with Japanese yam. The urchin was fresh, and went well with the stickiness of the yam.

Soba-ya offers pretty amazing lunch specials, all accompanied by a plate of fresh soba noodles. Redneckhunter got the hot lunch special that included tempura, a piece of salmon, and some nice vegetables including lotus and burdock.
Melinda got the Maguro Don rice bowl - the tuna was really nice a fresh.

I ordered the Sake Oyako Don rice bowl- with salmon and salmon roe. Fougoo got the Sakuraebi Seiro soba bowl which was topped with tiny shrimp and mitsuba leaf tempura.

For dessert, Redneckhunter got a serving of sweet milk tofu with strawberry. The rest of us shared a trio of ice creams also made at the restaurant.

They were black sesame, honey wasabi, and yuzu (Japanese citrus). The black sesame was like oreo cookie, the yuzu had an orange peel like flavor, and the wasabi- was interesting.

229 E 9th St Ste 3
New York, NY 10003-7536
Phone: (212) 533-6966

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