Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Making Pho Part Two

With the main chore of making broth done already, on the night of the party, all I had to do was slice thin pieces of raw beef, and arrange the mint, basil, cilantro, and bean sprouts.

I reheated the broth putting the tendon and meat that I'd picked off the bones back in, and adding fish sauce. I cooked the noodles, and served up portions of noodles, raw beef, and slivers of shallots, ladling hot broth on top which cooked the raw beef just enough.

Brownie made summer rolls with tofu, cilantro and rice noodles. I think the pho and rolls were just enough food. It left room for the mango and sticky rice and flourless chocolate cake and ice cream we had for dessert -- sorry no pictures, we were too intent on eating!


1000yregg said...

looks awesome. who was brave enough to eat the tendon?

the summer rolls are much less colorful without the usual pork and shrimp inside. did you get the peanut sauce for dipping?

did you try to do the drip coffee and condensed milk?

fougoo said...

I made the peanut sauce. Claire made the fish sauce.

Didn't do coffee. I have a ton extra peanut sauce, so I'll bring you some of that too! Hopefully a freezer bag will suffice - but I think it's gonna be a cold day on Saturday anyway for food sitting in the car...

lindalou said...

I found your blog looking for the place tony bourdain ate the frites at and i wanted to give you a suggestion.

you should def parboil. Like for an hour with a good amount of salt, then dump all that water out. It tastes much cleaner and will make your broth look less cloudy. as well you should burn the onion and the ginger that's key. put all that spice the anise in coffee filter and only leave it in there an hour or less. It's much more subtle that way.

fougoo said...

Thanks for the tips! Laziness just doesn't cut it, huh... Next time I'll do that. I'll probably still have to char the veggies in the oven though - I don't have a vent hood to deal with the smoke.