Saturday, April 14, 2007

Back to Trinidad Gourmet

As promised, I returned to Trinidad Gourmet a few times to explore their menu.
First up (above) I had the Curry Goat Roti - oh my gosh- delicious. The roti was clearly fresh with what seem liked corn meal in it's layers. This was topped with curry potatoes and chickpeas, and then covered with delicious, fall off the bone goat. I was lucky to get some tendon as well.
Accompanying this, I got this great hot sauce. I think it had scotch bonnet. I also got some amazing tamarind chutney to die for.
While eating there, Chuck, one of the owners proceeded to describe pretty much all the dishes on their menu. I really need to come for breakfast sometime.
I took home for a snack later a beef pattie and the Aloo Pie. The Aloo pie is a bread, fried so it's crispy outside, then sliced open and filled with potatoes and chickpeas. It was really delicious.
Last night, I happened to be across the street from the place again for a concert, so I decided to grab the oxtail stew combo plate for dinner. I got a side of pumpkin as well as rice and peas. Again, the dish was great and the meat was cooked perfectly.

Trinidad Gourmet
418 E. 31st St.
Baltimore, MD 21218


fougoo said...

The roti and the potatoes in them look awesome!!

Unknown said...

I have had their aloo pie and for one that has been searching for a long time for that perfect Trini restaurant in Baltimore, it was the most delicious thing ever! The bread was perfectly cripy on the outside and soft on the inside and the filling... Just the right amount of spices. This will definitely become my regular Carribean joint.

Anonymous said...

The filling in the roti was ground split peas :)