Thursday, November 02, 2006

The White Castle Crave Case

So I have a good friend in St. Louis who, when I go out there to hang out, proceeds to join me in a grease and fat gluttony. We usually go to a rib place called Supersmokers, grab some shakes at Steak & Shake, and on occasion we scarf down a White Castle Crave Case while watching TV or playing video games.
The case contains 30 White Castles (that's 15 each). I do prefer the cheese. He eats the originals. It is sometimes accompanied by 1-2 orders of cheese fries. In my youth, this form of gluttony would be easy, but nowadays, the "wall" hits me at about 11 of them.
Disgusting? Yes, but how can one resist the "holed" meat with onions and pickles on a steamed bun. Hurts so good.
Fortunately for my cholesterol, these pictures were taken in 2005, but perhaps a pilgrimage to the midwest is necessary in 2007.


1000yregg said...

I did forget to mention there are 24 locations in New Jersey - this means you Fougoo. Are you up to the challenge?

Andy Kuhn said...

enjoy White Castle, enjoy Bourdain, love food, and like your blog.

Keep it up. Btw, now that you have tackled the crave case (aka fast food everest) what else is left?