Monday, November 13, 2006

Dosa from Passage to India, Lawrenceville NJ

So they aren't the best dosas (or is the plural dosai?) I've ever had, but they're the closest geographically. And sometimes, you just have a craving for that starch overdose known as a dosa. Potatoes and spices wrapped in a pancake made from lentil flour. My friend brownie94 and I are partial to the extra-spicy Mysore Masala dosa. On this evening we got the usual Mysore Masala (above), and a Mysore Uttapam (below). With the uttapam the ingredients are mixed into the batter and formed into a thicker pancake. I read that the batter is made of bean flour and rice. It reminds me of an Indian version of okonomiyaki, the Osaka specialty, or Korean pajon.

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