Monday, November 27, 2006

Au Pied de Cochon, Take Deux

I must say eating at Au Pied De Cochon was the best meal I've had this year. When I told my friend Ajeet, the foie gras freak that I was eating there, he insisted I get at least 2 dishes with foie gras, and by golly we got three. He also recommended I take Lipitor a few days before the meal, but instead, I hope the Bordeaux wine we had sopped up the fat from the meal.

Fougoo has already described the meal, but I thought I'd include my two cents. I would agree that the feel of the restaurant was really nice. Unlike Montreal's L'Express where I ate a few years back - the waiters at Au Pied de Cochon were not assholes. They seemed to even admire our offal-laden order.
Above is a pic of the Cochonnailles platter - basically all pork by-products including blood, liver, and sausage. We actually ordered this thinking it was another dish. . .maybe this is why we got the respect of our waiter.
The dish on the right was the Kidneys à la moutarde. I must say- I now understand why kidney is good to eat. My previous experience was with an "ammonia-flavored" kidney pie I had in Vegas- not so good. This dish, on the other hand, was flavorful, and the texture of the the kidney was firm and light.

Duck in a Can. This dish was a work of art. All the ingredients are canned, and the can is then cooked.
They brought this can with a can opener to the table. When they cracked it open, the delicious aroma was orgasmic.

They then poured the contents onto a bed of mashed potatoes and toast- the steam rising up from out of the can. Genius. So simple a concept resulting in amazing flavor. Our table pretty much finished this dish first.

Our dessert finale was the Pouding Chômeur, literally translated as a poor man's pudding. It was a sponge cake, like a biscuit, floating in a maple syrup soup. As I understand, this is a classically Canadian dessert. With my glass of whole milk, this was a great capper to our three hour meal event.

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