Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Annie's Banannies, Rehoboth Beath, DE

I have always loved frozen bananas (they don't even have to be dipped in chocolate), and have often put peeled bananas in my freezer to have as chilly treats. But I first discovered that putting frozen bananas through an extruder created something akin to ice cream years ago at a place in Manayunk, PA. That place is long gone, but I've been lucky to have The Bent Spoon close to home in Princeton, with their banana whip, and I was so happy to discover Annie's Banannies in Rehoboth Beach!

Annie's story, according to their website, is that she was inspired by her mom. Growing up, her mom loved juicing, the kids hated it, until they discovered frozen bananas through the juicer. Annie made a promise to her mom, as she was dying of cancer, that she would open up her business Annie's Banannies, making frozen banana "ice cream." And she did it, opening in 2009, in Rehoboth Beach where they used to vacation as a family.

At Annie's you can have all sorts of healthy toppings added -- we went with strawberries and strawberry puree for 1000yregg, and natural peanut butter for me. As good as ice cream any day! For Baltimoreans, she's got another branch at Harborplace.

Annie's Banannies
#9 1st Street South (at Wilmington Ave.)
Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

301 Light Street Pavillion
Baltimore, Maryland


The Everything List said...

i am headed to the outlets this weekend. i should try this!


Little Paper Hen said...

Hmm . . . nothing like it out here. Do you think it's worth making a home version of this? I remember the whipped banana from Bent Spoon =)

fougoo said...

I've always been afraid to try because the place in Manayunk that stopped making it said the reason was they kept breaking their juicers!

But I've always been pretty satisfied with just eating whole frozen bananas - and if you put one on a stick, it would be even more like an ice pop!

another great banana dessert is if you blend banana and avocado with cocoa powder, it's just like chocolate pudding!